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Surfing the internet, more particularly, is a dangerous business.  its a treasure trove of beautiful kitchen-anything. My only saving grace is that I don’t live in the UK right now.


Fooled you with the post image didn’t I? While I would love to claim that the goodies on there originated in my kitchen, and more importantly, the luscious milky jade cake stands belong to me, I cannot. This is admiration

My kitchen drawer in Aberdeen was like most kitchen drawers in Aberdeen. Filled to the brim with paperwork that needed to be sorted and filed;  or cherished and saved in a keepsake box. A lot of it was Lil’Lassie’s painstakingly

Now who can resist cheesy bread? And when it introduces itself as the romantic sounding ‘Pan de Queso’, rather than Cheesy Rings, it’s hard to refuse. This recipe comes from one of my favourite cookbooks, Warm Bread and Honey Cake by


We have the ultimate Welsh line up this year with three past Great British Menu finalists, two Michelin stars and Wales’ seafood expert sharing the bill .

Bryn Williams, Aled Williams and Hywel Jones have all flown the flag for Wales on the popular BBC series The Great British Menu.

Bryn, who hails from Denbigh, is now patron of the Feast and chef patron of Odette’s in star-studded Primrose Hill, London. …