Art and Music Events

The Entertainment at this year’s Gwledd Conwy Feast is shaping up to be a real corker.

With three stages – acoustic, cabaret and live bands) there will be no shortage of variety over the weekend.

Various other events are going on around the festival, including ‘An Unusual Cinema‘,(in the St John’s Church basement) a programme of short films including the North Wales premiere of ‘Junk‘ – an award winning animation which took 20 artists, two years to make, produced at the London studio Th1ng. more information to follow.

And for those of you who don’t already know, blinc, Wales’ first ever Digital Arts Festival

is also running  over the Feast weekend. The Saturday night shows on Conwy Castle

at 7.15pm and 8.15pm are not to be missed.

For more information on that programme and the artists involved, visit

Below are the full listings for all our music and entertainment:


The Quay Stage – 21st – 23rd October (in the Real Ale Tent, down on the Quay

no less!) – come down early on the Friday, sample the ales ahead of the

madding crowd and get a taste  of what the weekend has in store…

Friday Night 21st October 2011 :

7pm – The BLINC Digital Arts Festival : ‘Sneak Preview’ 2011– a sample of what’s to come over the weekend, from Wales’ first ever Digital Arts Festival. (

8pm – The Ugly Harmonies   (

9pm – Courteous Thief : local heroes with national radio play. Catchy mainstream tunes. Easy listening but lively live. (

10pm – Sarah Louise & the Footons : with a mix of covers and Sarah’s own tunes make this line up from the Caernarfon area, a versatile, powerful and enjoyable act to see and hear.  (

Saturday 22nd October:

1pm          Wee Bag Band : with an upbeat Celtic style, playing traditional, popular and modern Irish music and songs throughout the weekend.  (

2pm          Scapegoats : local pop rockers play a mix of rock covers and their own poppy tunes.

3pm          Wee Bag Band : they’re back! Already? They only just played an hour ago?

4pm          Goddington Sound : Studying in Bangor, their love of music has brought them even closer together. If you like the Kooks and upbeat indie pop then you’ll not be a million miles away from enjoying these guys.

5pm          Ed Wright : sound scapes, sound escapes, sound escalates, then falls. All around…sound.  (

5.40pm    Cats Create Chaos : with a clever use of various synth and loop pedals, Catherine creates layers of sounds that if you look away it’s hard to believe it’s just the one person. Watch and listen carefully!  (

6.09pm    Blinc Digital Art Show and Sound (on the end Quay wall)

6.40pm    The Cane Toads : local rockin’ blues outfit. Once they get going they don’tstop.  (

7.15pm    Blinc Digital Arts Show (on the Castle)  (

7.45pm    Cry Raphael : all the way from Holyhead, their tunes are interesting to listen to and draw you in for more (

8.15pm    Blinc Digital Arts Show (On the Castle)  (

8.45pm    Back Scratch Blues Band : Feast favourites headlining again this year, always leave everyone wanting more.


Sunday 23rd October:

11am        ‘Celebrate’ : a non denominational multi-faith, come all ye regardless, for music, theatre, dance and entertainment (in association with St John’s Church, Conwy)

12pm       Cyra Elia : Rachel Mac ‘on (national) tour’ plays with the G-Man. Original folk playing original folk.  (

1pm          Banda Bacana : Three harmonising ladies front this well established reggae tinged afro beat group with strong vocals and upbeat beats and tunes, from Bangor.  (

2pm          Tacsi : reggae dub sound stylee. Smooth and silky, with poetic overtones.  (

3pm          Wee Bag Band : the Celtic style group, still playing traditional, popular and modern Irish music and songs.

4pm          Banda Bacana : kindly performing a second set for the day – a real treat.

5pm          Sundance : it’s reggae all the way this afternoon, but these guys are young, and funky, bringing the entertainment to a close at this year’s Feast. Let’s hope the weather lives up to their name…



Castle CABARET Stage : (Vicarage Gardens car park) in association with ‘CLWB CABARET

Saturday 22nd October:

12pm       Coastal Voices : beautiful voices in a beautiful setting. Catch

them again in Conwy Castle today.  (

1pm          Ghostbuskers : playing a range of popular sing-along hits old a new. Audience participtation is compulsory!  (

2pm          Nathalia : tribal and traditional belly dancer from Argentina living in Wales.

3pm          Rice Hooligan Orchestra : lively local folk with a blue-grassy,

rockin’ bluesy twist. Guitar, fiddle, and double bass.


4pm          Anup Kumar Biswas : an internationally renowned cellist, was born in West Bengal. The discovery of his musical talent, that took him from poverty in Calcutta to the leading concert halls of the west, is inspiring.

5pm          Folkin’ Rubbish : pretty much says what it is! Great entertainment, and fun to listen to, and quite a sight also…

5.30pm    BATALA Bangor : full on samba drummers, bring the day to a close and liven up the night, ready for the 2011  Digital Arts Festival to begin!  (


Sunday 23rd October 2011:

12pm       Bollywood Burnout : a taste of Bollywood comes to Conwy (

1pm          Martin Daws + guests : poetry at it’s best, literally. Award winning poetry and musical accompaniment.  (

2pm          Capoeira Mocambo : martial art / dance originating from Brazil. An hour’s performance where each takes it in turns to take the lead and perform, with musical accompaniment. A must see!  (

3pm          Jordan Reyne : Three-times New Zealand Music Award Nominee, sneaks into the Feast almost unnoticed, with industrial tinged Celtic folk, from the edges of the earth!  (

3.30pm    Emma Louise : a unique and interesting stage performance.

4pm          Maniwalaka : Ghanaian xylophone (balafon) and English folk mix. Bettina on the fiddle and Jeff on the balafon, play us to a gentle close of what is shaping up to be a very lively CLWB CABARET stage indeed at this year’s Feast. Enjoy.


The Acoustic/Buskers Stage : on the High Street

Saturday 22nd October:

12pm       Sam Parsons : a young developing artist plays stripped down ‘Tinariwen’ style, with African influence and middle eastern sounds. (

1pm          Martin Daws : a poetry jamboree, use the words to set you free.

(+ guests and live music accompaniment)  (

2pm          The Ghostbuskers : playing a range of popular sing-along hits old a new. Audience participation is compulsory.  (

2.45pm    BATALA Bangor : precession (Samba Reggae drumming group with music originating from Brazil)  (

3.15pm    Danny 2T’s : a confident songwriter and performer playing all his own material.  (

3.45pm    Jamie Davies : singer songwriter who ditches his excellent and full on band (‘Sona’) from time to time to whine (rather than shout) about his love life. Still v good though and well worth a listen.  (

4.30pm    Pat Kyle : a mature but emerging acoustic artist with gritty soulful lyrics full of life experience. (

5pm          Wil Williams : local singer/songwriter whose style and influences lie heavily in country and rock. Think Ryan Adams and Steve Earl and you’re nearly there.  (


Sunday 23rd October:

12pm       Wee Bag band : lively Celtic style act playing traditional, popular and modern Irish music and songs.  (

1pm          Ali Roberts : distinctive voice and unique style. You have to listen to be able to hear, really.

1.45pm    Rachel Mac + G Man : Rachel Mac ‘on tour’ plays with the G-Man. Original folk playing original folk.  (

2.30pm    Rhys Morris : original bi-lingual (Welsh/English) singer songwriter from Bangor, North Wales

3.15pm    Maniwalaka : Ghanaian xylophone (balafon) and english folk mix. Bettina plays fiddle and Jeff the balafon.

4pm          Krempog : Guitar and clarinet combo inspired by music for Jewish weddings and other celebrations, bringing  the  acoustic stage to a close for this year’s Feast. Still more going on on the Quay for the end of the day.


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